Online breathing retraining

For Asthma, Anxiety, Snoring, Sleep Apnoea…: 

Learn how to change your breathing today and feel, breathe, and sleep better tonight.  Tess Graham’s breakthrough breathing retraining now available WORLDWIDE

BreatheAway’s online course Breathing Retraining was established in response to the enormous need from people to improve their breathing, and subsequently their health.


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Breathing retraining is based on the principles of physiology, physics and biochemistry. Our online course is based on the ground-breaking breathing retraining programs that Tess Graham has delivered for the last two decades to more than 5000 people with extraordinary and consistent success.

Our mission is to help people with snoring, sleep apnea, insomnia and other sleep disorders, asthma, nasal problems, anxiety and panic disorders, COPD and chronic coughing, and others who want to improve their breathing, and optimize physical performance. We aim to teach people to breathe better, without any, or less need, for surgery, medication, machines or appliances. Breathing needs to be seen as the number one consideration for a healthier life.

The breath is the most important fuel for our body. Learn to do it well, and you are supporting your body towards optimal functioning, and good health. 

You can change the way you breathe

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  • First results in under 24 hours
  • 60% to 70% reduction in total symptom score with five days
  • Over 90% of participants report no snoring, coughing or wheezing in less than five days


For less than a third of the price of a face to face course, Breathing Retraining teaches you to breathe slowly, gently and smoothly, day and night, the way the body is designed to breathe. 

Breathing retraining is the simplest and most natural approach to the management of breathing disorders and is often overlooked in favour of surgical and appliance based approaches. 

Our on-line course is designed for busy people and needs no equipment or gadgets. You can achieve brilliant results without any formal practice and even more stunning results if you commit to completing the simple breathing exercises. Once you have completed the online course you will have lifelong access to the lessons and audio files.

We recommend our on-line course for all adults who have a concern about the way they breathe.