Online courses

Some of the most important principles for better breathing can be used to benefit all people, from all walks of life. It is very important when making changes to people’s breathing patterns, that it is done gently and carefully and in many cases under the supervision of medical care and a trained Breathing Educator. After 20 years of working individually with people, we have developed some universal strategies that will do no harm by using a gentle approach to resetting the brain. That is why it is only now, we feel comfortable to present this material unsupervised and in an online format. We would caution anyone thinking about undertaking breathing retraining, particularly with chronic health conditions, to do so with the supervision of your doctor. We take our responsibility very seriously, when offering education of this nature, to work within the paradigms of ‘do no harm.’ We also recognise that more and more people are feeling the effects of breathing in a less than optimal way, and wish to offer this form of education in a more accessible way for people unable to do our classes. This material also provides ongoing support to people who have done the breathing retraining classes and Breathing Educators around the world.

The modules will include:

  • Basic Breathing Principles, and Resetting the Brain
  • Breathing and Snoring and Sleep Apnoea
  • Breathing for Anxiety and Depression
  • Breathing and Increased Sports Performance
  • Better Breathing for Kids

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