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Tess Graham’s sleep and wellbeing presentations reflect decades of research, clinical experience and teaching.  She has helped thousands of people from babies to octogenarians, invalids to professional athletes, achieve better health, wellbeing and performance through improving the way they breathe.


Breathe | Sleep | Work

This is the foundation seminar and workshop of the BreatheAbility for Health programs.  A groundbreaking, high impact presentation that can be adjusted to the needs of any group or organisation and is available in keynote, seminar and workshop formats.


Breathing for labour and birth

This one-day workshop is designed for midwives, childbirth educators and physiotherapists who are interested in knowledge and skills to help women have a healthier pregnancy, and to have better breathing for labour and birth to enhance the birth process. It is especially designed for midwives, childbirth educators and physiotherapists.


Breathing Matters – Basics of Healthy Breathing

This one day workshop for healthcare professionals from both primary and secondary care is designed to assist healthcare professionals to identify dysfunctional breathing patterns in their patients and to assist them to breathe better at rest, during activity and during sleep.



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